Rockville Maryland Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services




My Carpet Cleaning Service, , phone301-445-7440, provides IICRC Water Damage Certified Restoration Services to the resident’s in Rockville Maryland and the surrounding area and has a Certified Master Restoration Technician on Staff and on Site for Every Loss!


Water can Damage your home in so many ways; it can flood your basement, it can overflow your toilet, a pipe can develop a pin whole leak or burst, the line to the ice-machine or washer can break…When it rains it can come in from under a door, through the foundation, or the power may go out and along with it the sump pump as well.  You name and it and it can happen. With each different scenario, the restoration is different!


Well if you live in Rockville Maryland, you’re in luck because you can call on My Carpet Cleaning Service. As a Certified Master Restoration Technician I have the knowledge to not only extract the water, but to then determine the proper course of action to follow to return your home’s environment back to its previous condition. I have been trained to Restore Water Damages caused by clean water sources, storm waters, even toilet and sewer back-ups. Using our Thermal Imaging Camera I can show you the extent of the damages.  I can determine if we need to remove & replace the padding or dry it in place. If necessary, we will even remove the baseboards to dry the walls ad framing.


Most losses area covered by insurance, some aren’t. I’ll do what I can to keep the costs down, but my priority to properly mitigate the loss to prevent any secondary damage and dry the structure! Most household floods dry in three to four days, but every now and then we get a smaller one like above that only takes a day or two.


Make no mistake, flood restoration isn’t just drying your carpet, IT”S DRYING HOME’S ENTIRE STRUCTURE!


Let me do what needs to be done to help you!