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Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services Silver Spring

Is your House Flooding from a Broken Pipe, Toilet Overflow?
Did your Washing Machine Overflow or have a Hose Burst?
Did your Hot Water Heater’s Bottom Burst?
Did Storm Water Enter the House from a Broken Gutter or an Uncovered Window Well?
Was the Outside Drain Clogged or Did your Sump Pump Fail?
Did Your Sewage Line Back Up?
This is an Emergency and You shouldn’t have to Wait!
I’ll Dispatch a Crew to Start the Restoration ASAP.!

Did You Know?

Within minutes; water starts spreading across the floor and downwards through the cracks, padding soaks it up like a sponge, baseboards get wet, walls, furnishings, and curtains start absorbing water.

Within hours: pre-existing water related problems reactivate, natural fibers start to “brown,” Wood Flooring and Furnishings start to swell, bacterial odors, and other problems begin.

Within days: wood floors start to buckle and warp, carpets begin to De-laminate, glue-down and double stick installations fail, moisture can damage home furnishings, and worst of all mold and mildew growth are taking place.

Within weeks: the house / facility will need major work that will require a CIT. (Certified Industrial Hygienist), a Mold Restoration Contractor! This has gone from a Water Damage Restoration to a Mold Abatement Project. I am not a Mold Abatement Contractor! Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services, Silver Spring

This is what Happens When Walls and Ceilings aren’t Dried Properly, Leaving the Structure Vulnerable to Decay & Microbial Growth!

My Goal is to Dry Your Home As Soon As Possible so you can get you Life Back in Order As Soon As Possible as well! If I can’t get started in a timely manner and give you the proper care then I’ll let you know and pass the job up, referring you to a qualified professional that I can rely on to care for your needs.!

If I’m out in the field in one of my Cleaning Vans, I will respond right away. The Cleaning Vans Are not only stocked for cleanings, but also have the basic moisture detection meters, extraction tools and supplies to perform the the Emergency Restoration Services for most restorations. If I am closer to the shop, I will stop and pick up my Restoration Van that is also stocked with all the drying equipment I may need to dry most jobs and then some! Once we arrive, we will asses the situation and put together a Restoration Worksheet that will set up the Scope of the Project and Estimate the Cost as well. The actual cost may vary from plus or minus 10-20% of the estimated cost based on the initial Restoration Worksheet before any Hidden and Unforeseen Changes. The Scope will be determined by the IICRC S500 Flood Water Damage Restoration Standard and Pricing is based on Xactimate Restoration Estimating Software, which most insurance companies and adjusters use themselves.

I’m on your side and I answer to you. My Job is to Mitigate your Loss! Your insurance company job is to pay you for my services. I don’t answer to any insurance company or their third party claims administrators who hire restoration contractors to work under their protocol and pricing guides to reduce the cost of claims by limiting the scope of work and encouraging short cuts that lead to inadequate drying practices and secondary damage.

I will provide you all the documentation to support scope and services provided to present to your carrier to secure your payment, I will even review my scope with them because we are all human and make mistakes. However, again, I run my mitigation projects as per the IICRC S500 Flood Water Damage Restoration Standard, not the insurance company’s internal guide lines and pricing. I have Training & Experience, along with my network of associates, to handle most Residential Water Damage Situations. First, using a variety of Inspection and Extraction Tools; Thermal Imaging Camera, Moisture Probe, Non Penetrating and Penetrating Meters, I will Locate & Extract the Water and then Focus on Drying the Structure!

Whether a Roof Leaking, a Broken Pipe from above or a Condensation Leak from an overhead Air Conditioning Unit, the key is to find the Extent of the Water Damage and Remove the Water. I can then erect plastic walls to contain the work area and create a drying chamber as well as venting the area as necessary, prior to removing what ever is ruined, can’t be dried, or salvageable, and then dry the structure!

Further I have a garage stocked with State of the Art Professional Drying & Restoration Equipment and Supplies; H.E.P.A. Filters, Turbo Dryers. Axial Fans, Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, Cavity Drying Machines, Wood Drying Panels, and Thermal Drying Units, as well as the attachments, ducting, plastic sheeting and other complimentary supplies. So, though I may need to contact my distributors for additional specialty supplies now and then, I don’t have to go rental supplier for old technology that’s inefficient and out dated or wait for the hardware store to open too often. Depending on the circumstances, there are varying courses of action that we can take to mitigate the loss.

I won’t just set up some equipment and let it run a few days until I get around to picking it up. I will be I’Ill be like a visiting relative, but one you want around! To ensure a proper dry down, the system must be monitored & adjusted to make sure all of the equipment is running and performing as it’s maximum potential, readings need to be taken to confirm the structure is drying, equipment needs to be moved as areas dry to target those that are still drying, as well as other job related tasks.

Please beware Hidden and Unforeseen Damages are just that, HIDDEN & UNFORESEEN; They, if they are to be found at all, will not be found until the work begins. Even if we account for these contingencies before the work begins, we may have to change the scope of the work to accommodate the situation. If the situation is severe enough, we may have to halt or scale back the restoration until changes are approved or other specialists arrive to handle the Hidden Environmental or Safety Concerns such as Asbestos, Electric Wiring, Significant Fungal Growth, Lead or other Significant Concerns.


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