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Professional Wood Floor Cleaning In Maryland

The wooden floor should not be always cleaned with over-the-counter cleaning products and mops. Traditional cleaning agents can build wax on the floor making them look dull and unappealing. On the other hand, improper mopping or scrubbing can strip off the luster of these floorings by ruining the protective film. Fortunately, My Carpet Cleaning and Restoration provides the perfect wood floor cleaning service done by professionals who are factory-trained for this specific task. Most of the wood floors are sealed with plastic which is applied on top of the floor to protect it from stains and scratches. Specialized attention is required while cleaning these as vigorous mopping will leave behind streaks or ruin the plastic altogether.

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Wooden floors are quite porous hence it is important to get these cleaned by professionals who have all the expertise of the products and procedures to be used for cleaning. Our cleaning procedure will make sure your floors along with the crevices are shiny for a long period, saving you from the expenses of frequent cleaning. In order to keep your hardwood floors in a clean and healthy state, they require maintenance and cleaning.

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At My Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we provide professional hardwood maintenance cleaning that is 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, and green-certified. This means we clean your hardwood flooring in the safest way while providing a shining finish. If you are a homeowner in Maryland areas and need professional hardwood floor cleaning and sand less recoating, your floor can be revitalized to look new! If you look at your wood floor and it appears dull and dirty it’s time for a deep cleaning by professionals who have expertise on it and know the job really well.

We use specially formulated cleaning agents and heavy-duty equipment to transform the dirty wooden floor into clean, shiny ones’. We apply the cleaning solution to loosen the dirt and then extract everything off with a highly specialized vacuum. If your floor has stubborn stains from dark liquids like red wine or coffee, our low-speed buffer cleaning machine will effectively take off these stains as well ensuring no harm is done to the protective film.

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When you hire us to care for your wood flooring, you know you are taking a step towards maintaining your floors for the long term, which means it helps you to maintain your investment. But that’s not the only benefit our service provides. Hardwood floor cleaning can also make your home safer by removing dust and mold and saves your time and health. Our hardwood cleaning process is focused on professionalism and safety. Our technicians are dependable and trained. And we use only high-end products and equipment that is safe and superior.

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